Great PLC

We had a great PLC yesterday. We’ve got a plan all the way to June 2017. Thank you to all the people that went, we appreciate that.

Tanah Keeta Summer Camp was a real blast!

We had a great time at Tanah Keeta Summer Camp in Jupiter Florida. The boys earned Honor Troop through some hard work and lots of Scout Spirit. The Scout Masters all earned the Scout Master Award as well. It was a lot of fun work by all. Thank you all for your support of the Troop and our boys.

Hiking/BackPacking overnight Saturday May 9th, 2015

We will be meeting at Beef’s at Lithia and Fishhawk on Saturday Night (5/9) at 5pm. Pickup will be the same location on Sunday morning at 9am. They are supposed to pack all gear they plan on taking on the AT Hike in June. This is an equipment check and shakedown. The below link it a checklist of items that should be included. This is not all inclusive.

Hiking Checklist

Malware Hits and Protections

Malware Hits and Protections

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